17 June 2003

I'm loving Hail to the Thief more and more, by the way. Maybe I'm overly influenced by lyrics like "In pitch dark / I go walking through your landscape," but the album really does feel like an entire country ready for the exploring, covered with forests, graveyards, secluded lagoons, drunken garden parties, fauns, elves, detours, dead ends, precipices, labyrinths, and the occasional eerie monolith rising up in the moonlight. The other night I had to walk home from a friend's house and take the re-routed subway back to Queens, a trip of almost two hours. Under most circumstances, it would have been annoying, but I had my headphones and Hail to the Thief, and I spent a blissful night wandering through the city, which was transformed by the music into something infinite and strange.

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