18 June 2003

So I fixed up the links on the left of the page for the first time in a while. Including getting rid of some old "sorry for constructions" and whatnots, and combining several old lists into one big one. If anyone else wants to put up some links feel free, the syntax is pretty easy if you just go to the template and look at how i've done mine. It's rather convenient to use the weblog instead of bookmarks.

Also I've added a new category of my favorite web comics, which is my most recent obsession. Expect sometime soon a post on what the ones i've linked to are like, and examples of my favorite strips from each of them.

Any recommendations for more good webcomics would be very much appreciated.

(I really shudder to think what Haiwen's comments on this is going to be... Maybe comments weren't such a great idea after all.)

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