17 June 2003

This may end up being the most boring post in the history of this blog, but I've just spent half an hour browsing the "AutoComplete" feature on my copy of Internet Explorer, which I've just realized retains a record of every Google search I've made over the past nine months. It's really fascinating, at least to me. The partial list confirms that I'm either an extraordinarily curious guy with extremely catholic interests, or completely insane:

"acres of diamonds"; "alec N-L"; "anna hahn" chess; "antonio banderas" nine; "beauty of the world " kabbalah"; "ben edelman" fax number; "blood of christians" passover; "bob zelnick"; "caliber pistol"; "certified financial adviser"; "cfa exam"; "charles ardai"; "codex seraphinianus"; "congressional budget office"; "country code" switzerland; "credit union" account; "embassy suites hotel"; "field day"; "film forum" new york; "great scene transitions" "battlefield earth"; "house of leaves"; "ian mckellen" "being gay"; "j. bryan, III" obituary; "jennifer convertibles"; "jessica lynch"; "katrina leung" "jon carroll"; "les miserables"; "lincoln center"; "man bites dog" "dog bites man"; "mel gibson" "man kills god"; "michael swanwick"; "noah feldman"; "per the pen of"; "peter jennings" "tipping point"; "phar lap"; "punch-up at a wedding"; "S&P 500"; "skin cola"; "spike lee"; "standard lease" manhattan"; "the play what I wrote"; "three versions of judas"; annual gold mining; annualized return formula; breakup hotline; how much gold is mined in a year; human body contains gallons of blood; jaybill what's wrong with this picture; kartagener syndrome; matrix dominatrix; napster lawsuit; septuagint koine; shechitah examination; simpsons taxes "I'm an idiot"; trees in Harvard Yard

Note that this is just what I've searched for at work. I shudder to think what the browser at home would reveal.

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