30 July 2003

A couple of good tidbits from Roger Ebert's movie answer man column:

1. There was an amazing brouhaha, which I apparently missed, over a quote of Ebert's that was used in the ads for the movie Whale Rider: "Take the kids, and they'll see a movie that will touch their hearts and minds." Ebert writes: The MPAA informed the distributor that it had to remove the line from the ads, because a film with a PG-13 rating can't be marketed to children. This raises several problems. (1) I said "take the kids," not "send them in alone." (2) Kids can in any event attend PG-13 movies by themselves. They need the parent or adult only for an R movie. (3) It is my right and duty as a critic to make such judgments, and surely the distributor has a right to quote them. (4) This is a sad example of a system that has lost all reason and now categorizes an inspiring family film (yes, family!) like "Whale Rider" in the same category with "Charlie's Angels Full Throttle" and "2 Fast 2 Furious." Agreed. But you all know how I feel about the MPAA.

2. Johnny Depp's performance in Pirates of the Caribbean was apparently intended as an homage to Keith Richards. This makes me want to see the movie again.

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