25 July 2003

Dave, why must you make my life so complicated? I'm cleaning out my email for the first time in a while and realize I need some new folders...

I've renamed "roomates" to "weld 38." I split "Berkeley people" into "Berkeley Math" and "Berkeley other" (confusing because there's also a "math people" folder). Furthermore, I added a "Hillside house" folder for my new roomates (Hillside house being an obscure Haffertee Hamster Diamond reference that no one but me will ever get, but when has that stopped me before?).

The difficulty, of course, is what to do with Dave? I suppose I could just give him his own folder, but then I'd have to give all 3 of you your own folder, which would take forever to go back through, and would make it so I had guys with their own folders, which somehow doesn't seem appropriate... I think the current plan is to put Dave emails in "Weld 38" unless they are obviously housing related (then "Hillside house") or math related (then "Berkeley math").

Its funny the way these sorts of filing systems get bizarre little quirks... Somehow Tina ends up in the family folder because she lives with my family so much, while anna g. didn't end up in the laura folder despite living with her, but is in the math folder, however emails from her parents are in the Laura folder. Almea emails are in the Weld 38 folder, but Lisa P. emails are in "Math people." Even more bizarrely Catherine is in the "Math people" folder. And somehow no one in Berkeley got their own folder, for no apparent reason.

I'm sure none of you find this as interesting as i do...

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