25 July 2003

I can't believe what just happened...I was sitting at my desk, just working on a spreadsheet, listening to the mix that Noah made for me recently, when I found myself completely derailed by the song "You Were Right," by Badly Drawn Boy. I'd listened to it last night without paying too much attention, and liked it, but for some reason, when it came on a minute ago, I had to stop working and stare into space for a while. Then I played it again, this time on headphones, and actually wept tears at the part that goes:

An' I
Was busy finding answers while
You just got on with real life
Always hoped you'd be my wife
But I never found the time
For the question to arrive
I just disguised it in a song

I don't think any song has ever done that to me before. The worst part is that I don't know for whom, or what, those tears were meant. I don't think it's anyone in particular these days....

Anyway, I'm glad that everyone else in the office was out for lunch just now. This might have been hard to explain.

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