23 July 2003

It is amazing the way addiction industry's work. First you're just a social smoker and before you know it you've passed a pack a day and are spending a thousand dollars per year.

Why do I raise this? Well I just checked up on my cell phone minutes... It seems that between Aug 7 and Aug 22 (inclusive) i've managed to spend 592 minutes on my cell phone! That's 37 minutes per day. I've only had it since the middle of June. To be fair that's "cell phone time" which means it rounds up each call. Furthermore it includes 153 minutes of weekend minutes and 151 minutes of calls to Verizon customers both of which don't count towards my limit, but still, it's ridiculous.

Oddly enough it somehow includes 0 night minutes, which i find somewhat bizarre. I mean weekends nights count as weekends, and perhaps night verzion minutes get put under verizon (though that seems weird), but I'm sure I made a phone call after 9pm last weds night for example.

However, it is impossible for me to check on what phone calls they say I made until after the month is over. This is exactly the sort of thing that renting for a year made me change my mind on. There should be a law requiring cell phone providers to have bill summaries available online.

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