28 July 2003

Slate has an article today headlined "Summer Jobs that Help you Score." Oddly enough math grad student wasn't on the list...

On the other hand "Sleepaway-camp counselor" is on the list and it says the best way to get the job is: "to go to a summer camp until you're old enough to be a counselor (which also involves kissing up to/making nice with the powers-that-be)" and that

Hook-up factor: Very high. Up to 10 weeks with no parental oversight, other teenagers (and young adults) living in close quarters, the occasional night off, and there's always skinny-dipping in the lake. Note to parents: This is the case even at camps that are religiously stringent. If the camp is not co-ed, it merely means that any inter-camp mixing will be quite … intense, or there will be a certain amount of what people like to call "homo-social bonding."

The funny thing is i wrote the first paragraph of this before reading the article and then read it and felt the need to repost.

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