26 August 2003

Alright, alright, I'm back, there's no need to post things that you say Nat would love to entice me to post. My computer at home has been down for three weeks and I have a hard rule of not blogging at work. (I have this annoying job where if some stupid reporter wants to write an article about me misusing the internet at work, they might consider it news.)

The news from my end of town is I found a house to move into next weekend. No pictures yet, but I'll take some with the digital camera when we move in.

Pluses: 2 fruit trees, clean, lots of space, close to work, $675/mo., nutty guy in the other half of the house, 1 block from the "river".
Minuses: 2 blocks from junior high school, faces north, in a "be careful" neighborhood, nutty guy in other half of the house.
More pluses and minuses will follow when I move in. There will be a housewarming party soon for all who would like to attend. There is also a spare bedroom for all who would like to visit. This seems like a very strange step, as I actually have never rented before. And it is weird to do it in the town where you grew up.

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