27 August 2003

From msnbc.com: 12-year-old begins medical school. I was going to comment further on this story, until I read the following:
The response from the public — and some of his undergraduate classmates — has not always been positive. Recently, Sho did an Internet search of his name and was surprised to find many people commenting about his life in blogs (or Web logs).

“One person said, ’Look at this miserable child with a pushy mother,”’ Sho says. “Another said, ’Look at this miracle of God with his supportive parents.”’

Sho smiles at the notion that his parents have pushed him. “Sometimes, I kind of pull them along,” he says.

You know, it's much harder to make unfair generalizations about someone you've never met when there's the distinct possibility that they'll do an ego search and find your blog....

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