05 August 2003

"God Bless America" update: I read in the Minneapolis paper that on Sunday at the Metrodome, the top of the seventh inning ended in a close play, and Tigers manager Alan Trammell came out to protest, but was stopped short when he had to stop talking and put his hand over his heard for the playing of "God Bless America."

This report got me really ticked off again, so I determined to find out who was responsible and write them a nasty letter. I called the Twins' executive office, and the man who returned my call told me that there has been an order from Major League Baseball this year to play "God Bless America" at all ballparks during the seventh inning stretch on Sundays and national holidays.

"Does this apply to Canadian ballparks too?" I asked.

"Yes. The broadcasters in Toronto made fun of it the first time it happened."

"I see."

So I think I will proceed with this letter, though I now have far less hope of having any effect or even getting an explanatory letter in response. In case any of you would like to join my crusade and write your own letter, I will post the address I eventually get from MLB.

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