25 August 2003

If this murder trial were a novel, I'd toss it out the window for sheer implausibility: New York real estate millionaire disappears, disguises himself as a woman, checks into a rooming house in a sleepy resort town, then allegedly shoots his drifter neighbor (nicknamed "Gilligan"), dismembers the corpse, and drops the pieces into the shipping channel. There's also something about the mysterious disappearance of his wife from twenty years ago, and a 45-day national manhunt that ended when the suspect shoplifted a Band-Aid and a sandwich, despite having almost $40,000 in the trunk of his car.

Anyway, I'm tempted to quote the whole story, which strikes me as the sort of thing that Nat would love. Sample quote: "At the Poop Deck, a second-floor tavern with a porch that catches a breeze off the Gulf that rarely makes it inside the bar, neither man was known to have been argumentative or to have dressed as a woman."

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