01 August 2003

Watched (on TV) the Twins beat Baltimore 10-9 in 10 innings tonight. The Twins tried their darndest to lose the game, letting Baltimore come back every time they had a lead, but Baltimore worked even harder: up 9-8 in the ninth with two out and two on, the catcher (1) let the third strike get past him, and (2) threw to first, in plenty of time to get the batter (who had stood there stupidly for about 5 seconds before he realised he was supposed to run), but put it in the dirt so the first baseman couldn't handle it. The runner from second never stopped, and scored the tying run.

Much as I'd like to hope, this is not a playoff-caliber team. I guess I'll just have to root for my new adopted home team, the Giants (sorry Nat, the A's are just too evil), but my heart won't be in it the same way...

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