29 September 2003

Here's a Times article on Netflix. It confirms my belief, stated many times on this blog, that Netflix is a great little company, despite attempts by Wal Mart and others to steal its thunder. However, this article is heartbreaking, too. Back in October, I bought one hundred shares of Netflix at the company's IPO. The shock was then trading at around $7.00. I cashed out my investment a few weeks later when the stock jumped to $9.00, clearing a tidy profit of $200 or so. I was pretty pleased by this, but ever since then, I've avoided checking the price of Netflix stock, because seeing the price of an investment you used to own is a little like running into an old romantic prospect on the street: you're just asking for trouble if you say hello, because she'll always turn out to be engaged to that tall guy from your Ec 10 section. Well, case in point: Netflix stock is now trading at over $34.00 a share. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm not cut out for trading. This is why I'm sticking to index funds.

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