01 September 2003

It's a good thing it's a long weekend, I didn't really do a good job last week of adapting to the school year starting last week... There's only so many nights I can stay up till 3am dancing at a club in the city in a tux and a moose hat (more "hey bulwinkle!" remarks I've heard in my life). I'm not sure if it was the tux or the hat, but somehow this resulted in girls flirting with me. So i highly recommend both tuxes and moose hats. (Saturday I went back out without the hat or tux and it was back to normal.)

We finally have a living room (bought a sofa, a comfy chair, etc.), which is very exciting, it's nice to have somewhere to plop down when you return home. At the cat has moved in, which has been quite exciting. She's very cute and kittenish.

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