15 September 2003

My favorite online read these days is the old-school blog of Andrew Tobias, financial writer and treasurer of the Democratic National Committee. I've been reading way too much about finance these days for my own good, of course, but Tobias is ten times funnier and more practical than just about anyone else out there: his Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need is the best financial book I've read, period, so good that I've sent a copy to my parents and am seriously considering buying copies for my friends. (Not sure how to do that gracefully, though.) Even if you don't feel like reading his book, do check out his archived columns page, which contain chatty thoughts on everything from personal finance to the Bush tax cut to interesting Google tricks to how to de-seed a slice of watermelon. (Answer: drop it onto a clean surface from a height of a few feet or so.) Interesting note: Tobias is also the author of The Best Little Boy in the World, a famous coming-out memoir that was originally published under a pseudonym twenty years ago. I'll have to check that out, too.

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