20 September 2003

This week was kind of a crap week. I slept through my morning classes twice (on Monday a brief power failure killed my alarm, and on Thursday I set the alarm for 7 pm), which made me kind of grumpy. Then I did relatively shoddy jobs on my math homework because I had to spend too much time doing work for my musicianship class. The class is one of those rites of passage for music majors, kind of like an intro language class -- you have to do work for every class and keep up, and a lot of it is partner work. I wanted to take just a theory class, but the people in the music department said I need musicianship too, which makes sense, considering my written skills are miles ahead of my practical skills. So I was attempting to take two music courses and three math courses, but this is proving to be an untenable scenario. So the musicianship class has to go, which is quite sad, since I actually want to have those practical skills. However, the math department and NSF would much prefer I gained some mathematical knowledge this semester. Anyway, other things that happened this week included Tuesday Night Dinner at our place -- I made a roast pepper & mushroom risotto and Noah made a big salad with lots of vegetables & stuff, and about 20 people showed up, which was quite impressive. Also impressive was the number of girls that showed up, seeing as this was a math gathering; at one point I counted half of the guests as female. In fact, there were so many women there that two of them had the same name, which led to a bit of confusion. Thursday night involved much sushi and much beer, which has led to a quiet Friday in which I talk on the phone and piddle about on the internet. Our housewarming party is next weekend. All regular readers of this blog are invited. E-mail for details.

But I ramble. Bedtime now.

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