10 September 2003

This weekend was the 23rd annual Seton Village Pie Baking Contest. A good time was had by all, but inexplicably we were shut out of the winner's circle. My pie was a meatless mince pie which was a little too sweet (it could have stood some nuts, which I couldn't find in the store). Almea made a nice ginger peach pie and the peaches looked like apples because they were white peaches. The most talked-about pie belonged to my brother Chris, who decided to bake an apricot-green chile pie. It tasted more or less how you would imagine. However, this being Santa Fe, people have a strange attraction to all things with chile in them, so it attracted a lot of attention. He's a sample conversation I overhead:

Woman: Have you tried the apricot-green chile pie?

Man: Yes. It was awful. Everyone is cooing about it, but personally I thought it tasted medicinal.

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