17 October 2003

Did I see a good movie last night? You bet. The film? The Kid Stays in the Picture, by and about legendary producer Robert Evans. Why am I talking like this? Because the narration by Evans, full of polished anecdotes and self-satisfied rhetorical questions, is hard to get out of your head. I've already gone ahead and ordered the audiobook version to get the full Evans experience. For a taste, check out this brilliant parody, with Evans playing himself in an episode of The Simpsons:
(Afraid of dying in his sleep, Homer stays awake to watch Charlie Rose interview movie producer Robert Evans.)
Homer: Can't sleep -- gonna die. Can't sleep -- gonna die.
Rose (on TV): We're back with legendary producer Robert Evans. Now, before you did The Godfather, there was Love Story. Tell us about that.
Evans: Ah, Love Story -- the little picture that could. Was Paramount chomping at the bit to make it? Heh, heh, you'd better believe they weren't. But once that tear-jerker hit John Q. Popcorn, it was boffo-boo-boo box office all the way. (Chuckles.)
Rose: And the critics loved it, too. I remember Vincent Canby said, (turns to the camera) "I'm going to kill you, Homer. You are so dead."
Homer: (screams)
Rose: Now Chinatown was a classic, but you had problems with the sequel, The Two Jakes?
Evans: Oh, boy. Disappointed? I had the blues like Chasen's had chili. I said to myself, "Evans, you forgot Hollywood Rule #1: (turns to the camera) Kill Homer Simpson."
Homer: (screams and ducks under a blanket)
(Marge and the kids walk down the stairs)
Marge: You should see a doctor, Homey. A head doctor.
Homer: I'm not crazy. It's the TV that's crazy! (yells at the TV set) Aren't you, TV?
Evans: The crisis? Charlie Bludorn's birthday. The solution? A snappy banner. Out comes the phone, in flies Bobby Towne, and six drafts later, I had myself a party.
Homer: You see? Gibberish, all gibberish!

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