08 October 2003

In better news, I have an advisor! That means I'm halfway to having an advisor and a girlfriend. (I even have a lunch date on saturday, so who knows...)

So my new advisor Prof. Reshetikhin is more than a little spacy. And due to a comment he made once I'd started joking that he might already think i was his student, just cause he can't keep track of this sort of thing. So today I went to talk to him about this reading course we're doing, and after we talked about what I was reading I asked him if he'd be interested in having me as a student... He gave me a funny look and then said he had somehow already thought that I was. So that made things simple.

Anyway, here's his homepage and his list of publications on mathscinet (subscription required) and some other publications without subscription here.

I'll likely be studying the reprsentation theory of some sort of hopf algebras . If Reshetikhin gets his way it'll likely be some sort of quantized universal enveloping algebra of some infinite dimensional lie algebra. If I get my way it'll likely be some sort of finite quantum group.

Anyway enough nerdiness, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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