18 October 2003

In order to further help my recovery from thursday I've made a top 5 list of the most heartbreaking sports moments in my lifetime as a sports fan:

1) November 8th 1995, the Cleveland Browns move to Baltimore. There's just no beating this one.

2) January 17th 1988, the Cleveland Browns lose the AFC Championship game the second of three consecutive years to the Denver Broncos this time on Earnest Byner's fumble on the three yard line. The Browns still have never played in a Super Bowl. Why is this up at the top of this list above all the other heartbreaking game endings below? Well, I was 7, and as Rob Gordon put it: "If you really wanted to mess me up, you'd have got to me earlier."

3) October 16th 2003. I really just don't want to talk about it. Sport's guy has a great column though. The highlight: "If the Red Sox were a girl, you would probably just break up with them. You would call them on the phone, explain to them calmly that you can't take it anymore, let them down as gently as possible, then move on with your life. But sports aren't like that. You're stuck with your teams from childhood. It's like being trapped in a bad marriage. You can't get out."

4) June 2nd, 2002, the Kings lose to the Lakers in Game 7. This was the first year I managed to get really into basketball. I watched most games in the playoffs, and my main goal was rooting against the Lakers (the Yankees of basketball). I really really thought we had them in this game. So close...

5) Oct. 26, 1997. Before I went to college and became a Red Sox fan I had grown up an Indians fan (my dad's from ohio). This was game 7 of the world series. We had a lead in the 9th and blew the save and lost in 11. To boot it wasn't even to a real team, the Marlins were sold at auction the next year, and thus the great Indians team of the 90s lost their best chance at a world series win.

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