02 October 2003

Poker didn't go so well tonite... First I completely misread the first hand and lost at least a dollar on that. I also didn't realize till two-thirds of the way through the night that the friend visiting from socal was actually good at poker. At some point he checked on a three of a kind which was obviously the high hand, and so I bet high thinking no one had a good hand and ended up losing another 75 cents or so on that. At any rate I very quickly ran through my initial $3, then my bought in $2, then another bought in $1... But then things started going ok, and I won my way back to $5. Which still put me down a dollar.

I can't complain since playing with this crowd has put me about about $8 over three nights. But still today was very disapointing. I need to know how to analyze quickly whether someone is good at poker or not.

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