01 October 2003

So I'm taking this reading course and a regular course with prof. Reshetikhin (I'm late for the regular course right now) who is a representation theorist in the dept. who I'm thinking of working with with whom I'm thinking of working. (If you ever start dating someone who likes correcting "whoms" for "whos" stop. You'll hear her voice in your head every time you use the wrong one for the rest of your life. (on the other hand, roomates who make fun of your spelling of ridiculous are ok.)) He's this big nice russian guy who's about as unorganized as anyone I've ever met. This makes tuesday afternoons endlessly amusing because he tells everyone to meet him then, so several people show up and he's inevitably busy with something he forgot about.

Yesterday the best moments were when my friend peter showed up to talk to him and discovered me in his office but no prof; when he told peter he'd need to reschedule cause he forgot about a seminar so "could we meet at 3:10 at tea, because there will be bagels" (bagels here are only on thursday, they've always been only on thursday, everyone else knows this); and when another prof. came by at the end to make sure that he actually went to the seminar he'd forgotten about.

It's charming in a mathematician sort of way and makes my tuesday afternoons always fun.

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