22 October 2003

Time for NBA fantasy again. After winning last year in my first try I am back for more... This year we're doing this weird version where you go head to head against other teams for a week at a time and get a point for whether you beat them in each of 9 categories: (pts, assists, boards, steals, blocks, A/T, free throw %, 3 pt shots made, and field goal %). It is an 8 team league... My picks by round were (i picked 5th in the odd rounds and 4th in the even ones):

Dirk Nowitzki (center eligible!), Stevie Franchise, Starbury, Elton Brand, Mashburn, Vince Carter, Ricky Davis, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Nick the Quick (in the 9th round!!), Odom, Manu Genobili, Van Horn.

As much as I hated to give him up, I just dropped Manu and picked up Olowokandi to play some center. I really like this team, I think it is pretty loaded.

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