01 November 2003

I got a bicycle and started riding it everywhere in June. Yesterday for the first time since then it rained. I didn't realize just how bad riding a bicycle in the rain is. I got about two blocks before turning around and going home, I never made it to the department. Any suggestions for how to cycle in the rain? The spray off the wheels was just ridiculous. My current plan is to wear my waterproof pants for the ride down and then change when I get to school.

In other rain related news I got this amazing waterproof hat at the army surplus store for only $15. It looks just like normal fabric but have the amazing nanotechnology behind stain-resistant pants. Not only did they keep me completely dry during the drizzle yesterday evening, I just did an experiment of dumping an entire cup of water on my hat, and it literally just runs off. It's wonderful. I feel like I live in the future.

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