17 August 2004

After a summer of scheming and coding, today John and I are officially launching three Internet sites under our new company, Fact Tree Enterprises. We are happy to report that, while we have yet to get rich because of this, the Internet is now a more useful resource for classical music aficionados, beginning sailors, and study abroad students.

Our three sites are:

You can help! If you ever want to by anything from Amazon, first go to ClassicalCDGuide.com and click on an Amazon link. Then buy whatever you were going to buy! You'll get the book or toaster you want, and you'll help us improve our relationship with Amazon. Clicking wildly on our ads will not help, as we will get booted off of our advertising networks (although we do appreciate the gesture).

Please check out our sites and let us know what you think -- is something not working, or have we forgotten a key element? You can e-mail me or the business address (facttree@gmail.com) with your comments.


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