11 August 2004

My favorite online read these days is Daily Howler, which is the next best thing to not watching cable news at all. Lots of good stuff in their archives: one of my favorites is this column, which does a nice job of slapping around the New York Times over their weak attempt to determine whether Kerry is a flip-flopper. More recently, the account of the recent confrontation between Bill O'Reilly and Paul Krugman on Meet the Press reminds me why I'm sometimes glad that I only get one fuzzy channel on my TV these days, and it's always tuned to The Simpsons.

Incidentally, I began reading Daily Howler after looking for material on Jon Stewart's recent interview with Congressman Henry Bonilla. You can find the clip here. I can't view it on my computer, but I've been told that it's well worth a download.

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