07 November 2004

Is Gary Hart really the best spokesperson the Democrats can come up with for faith in politics?

In some way the most frustrating thing for me in the past week, is that I feel like the evangelical church in america --my church-- has gone off the tracks. I think that right now they are dragging the name of Jesus through the sewer. And I want to fight the good fight. I want to get the church headed back in the right direction, believing what it should believe: justice for all mankind, love, respect for life (even arab life), caring for the poor. I want to tell the church to burn its idols: tax cuts, hatred, and, yes, the american flag.

But I can't. No one would listen to me, because I stopped believing years ago. I can't even pray that God will bring to this church --His church-- the prophet she so desperately needs, because I don't believe in God or in prayer.

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