09 December 2004

I just got back from The Incredibles, which was delightful as expected. I think I spotted a cameo by the guy from the chess short. My only major complaint was the inelegance of Violet having two superpowers instead of one.

I was suprised by the credits at the end of the film which began: "Written and Directed by Brad Bird." I just double checked on IMDB and this is the first of Pixar's films which has a single writer/director credit. All the others have at least two writers and at least two directors listed. I wonder why the change?

I watched Shrek 2 over thanksgiving and both of these films had surprising desplays of healthy sexuality. Couples who weren't just "in love," but also were clearly pretty hot for each other. Not sure what to make of this, but it's an odd trend in cartoons.

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