09 December 2004

I've started buying albums on iTunes. I think this is a dangerous precedent. In the last month I bought "Pet Sounds" (brilliant, though I'm worried that after just 2 years in California I already like the Beach Boys), the new U2 album (starts out with two songs I really like, and then is mediocre; the last album started with 5 songs I liked and then was mediocre; I wonder how they know which songs I like to put them at the beginning), and yesterday I finally bought Jason Robert Brown's Parade. JRB is my current favorite writer of musicals, Songs for a New World is great, and The Last Five Years is my favorite musical (narrowly edging out Into the Woods). Parade is his best known piece of work, but somehow it took me this long to get around to listening to it. It's the story of the trial of one Leo Frank. It's a lot bigger and less intimate than his other musicals, but the music is excellent. I'll never like it as much as his other musicals, but I'll still recommend it.

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