28 December 2004

The other day I discovered that my brother AJ has 199 buddies on his IM buddy list. There are about a dozen different categories (from "worldview peeps" to "theatre girls" to "homeschool guys"). I asked them who a few random ones were and would get answers like "Oh, I met her at a party once and she gave me her email and IM."

At Christmas Eve service (I eventually decided to compromise and go to that service to say hi to the people I wanted to see and to skip Sunday services) AJ was dressed up, with nice black shoes and pants, a nice blue shirt with the top button unbuttoned to show his small gold chain, and a black sports jacket (and, of course, with his trademark long braids). I made some remark about him being all dressed up and he says "I gotta make my entrance. How do you think I got 199 buddies? I dressed well."

Later I was amused that his standard greating instead of a handshake or a hug is a little shoulder tap and he responded that "I have to move on quick, lots of people to see."

Man, I gotta learn from this kid.

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