17 December 2004

There's a kind of negative movie review that makes me want to see a movie much more desperately than a rave review ever could. Beyond the Sea is a good example. The New York Times writes:
The movie's a mess, and at 45, Mr. Spacey is far too old to play Bobby Darin. Yet the star captures his desperation, his braggadocio, and yes, his magnetism. As a hoofer, the actor isn't very limber, but his vocal impersonation of Darin goes beyond imitation. In the same way that Hugh Jackman portraying Peter Allen on the stage became the ur-Peter Allen, Mr. Spacey does Darin better than Darin...Many movies are hyperbolically touted as labors of love. But Beyond the Sea, with all its gaping faults, is the genuine article. It succeeds in being deeply and sincerely insincere.
Even better, from Newsday:
The good news is this: When a movie is described as bad, the question often is "But is it so bad it's good?" In the case of Beyond the Sea, yes. It's a car wreck, a sideshow. You simply have to watch, there are so many things going so terribly, terribly wrong.
How could anyone resist that? The thought of Kevin Spacey moving smugly through his own vanity project, doing arch karaoke verisons of "Splish Splash" and "Mack the Knife" while the movie self-destructs around him...That's the sort of movie I dream about. I could eat that with a spoon.

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