31 January 2005

Friday I rewatched L.A. Confidential for the first time since sophomore year. Several comments:

When we were all deciding what film to rent and this came up (and most of us had already seen it), A.J. said "if you like that you'd probably love Chinatown." And while watching it it struck me just how similar they are, except that L.A. Confidential has a happy ending.

How is it possible to forget such brilliant lines. I remembered most of the scenes (though I forgot the unforgettable "Rolo Tomasi" scene), but I'd completely forgotten brilliant lines like: "You say fuck a lot" "You fuck for money." And really, how is it possible to have forgotten the line "Some men get the world, others get ex-hookers and a trip to Arizona." It saddens me that there are so many great things in life I've completely forgotten.

An example of how much trendiness affects Academy award nominations and talk? When I looked up the oscars from then, the buzz was for Kevin Spacy as a possible supporting actor nom. He didn't get it. But if this film came out today it would have been Russel Crowe with that buzz.

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