21 January 2005

Historically-minded readers might be interested to know what Noah thought of the previous mix I made for him, which was blogged about here. Personally, I think that 5-7 listens, with selected songs in the double digits, is more than any mix enthusiast could ask for. Thanks.

I'm surprised that "You Won't Fall" by Lori Carson wasn't higher up in your stats, though. When I first heard that song, courtesy of the ex-Pegasus, my first thought was that you'd go nuts for it. "Nothing Better," of course, was a no-brainer.

Also, I should also note that the top-ranked "Come Back From San Francisco" is the first song on the mix, which is always privileged from the point of view of repeated listens. (Although I hope you like it for its own sake, too, of course.)

If I were making this mix again today, I'd probably replace Gary Numan's "Down in the Park," which is sort of an oddball choice anyway, with "Walnut Tree" by Keane, a random B-side which is one of the best wallowing songs I've heard in a long time. Noah, if you ever get your hands on "Walnut Tree," please feel free to make this retrospective revision to my playlist. It's only a buck on the iTunes store.

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