04 January 2005

Inspired by Noah's "get her e-mail address" post: As I was waiting for my luggage at SFO on Thursday, a cute girl came up to me and said, "Hey, do you know [So-and-so]?" A bit taken aback, I slowly said, "Yes..." We introduced ourselves, got to chatting, figured out that we were both from Minnesota (hence on the same plane), we have a mutual friend in the history department (whose house we had met at many months ago) and her roommate is good friends with one of my good friends from Harvard. We rode the BART together pleasantly for about a half hour (I got off in SF), and the whole time I was trying to think of some excuse for further contact -- and I came up completely blank. Any suggestions as to what I should have done and/or should do if I wanted to encounter her again?

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