26 January 2005

Just saw In Good Company, a movie which inspired the following exchange between Noah and me a couple of weeks ago:
Alec: You know, I'd actually enjoy seeing In Good Company.
Noah: Yeah, me too.
Alec (after a short pause): Not with you, though.
Noah: No.
Anyway, the screenplay for In Good Company, while nimble and sweet, is straight out of a Syd Field scriptwriting seminar (I was able to predict the False Crisis and the Real Crisis with uncanny accuracy, something that I'm rarely able to do). But the cast is just about perfect, even if Scarlett Johansson is underused, and I'm left with lots of affectionate feelings for everyone involved, especially Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace: one's an actor who has ripened beautifully with age, and the other a young guy who will hopefully never ripen at all.

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