25 January 2005

No real surprises in today's Oscar nominations, at least not for anyone who was paying attention to the Producer's Guild Awards. Still, I'm disappointed that Paul Giamatti didn't get a Best Actor nod, and was secretly hoping for a Best Screenplay nomination for Garden State. As usual, Best Supporting Actor is the most interesting category, with a mix that would have seemed completely absurd a couple of years ago: Alan Alda? Jaime Foxx? Thomas Hayden Church? I'd love to see a win by any of these guys, although I'm secretly rooting for Clive Owen or Morgan Freeman, who, believe it or not, has never won an Oscar.

Two early predictions, which I will no doubt revise: Million Dollar Baby for Best Picture, Scorsese for Best Director.

Also very pleased to see Best Actress nods for, sigh, Kate Winslet and, double sigh, Catalina Sandino Moreno. The biggest omission of all, however: Uma Thurman for Kill Bill Vol. 2. How many people does a woman have to kill to get recognized in this town?

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