21 December 2005

Thoughts on the transit strike:

1. Working from home is really fun—on the first day. You're in your PJs, you've got The Simpsons playing in the background, you're even more productive than usual because you're not distracted by your friends. But it gets old really fast. Tonight I'm crashing at my brother's place in Greenwich Village, and walking up to work early tomorrow morning. Why? I just got lonely.

2. Walking across the Manhattan Bridge is surprisingly scary. It's high, for one thing. I also found myself walking in the bicycle lane by mistake (the pedestrian lane is on the other side of the bridge), and found myself the target of occasional jeers from passing bicyclists.

I made it, though, and now I'm blogging happily from my brother's computer. Outside, in the street, the horns are blaring angrily. Not everyone in New York is full of good feelings.

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