21 December 2005

While holiday shopping, I noticed that there are a lot of new specialty Trivial Pursuit games. The ones I saw on the shelf were Saturday Night Live, 90's pop culture, Star Wars, Book Lovers, and Lord of the Rings. I read the sample questions on the back of the boxes and came to the following conclusions:

1) I know far too much Star Wars trivia.
2) The Book Lovers game is impossible for everyone except for Alec and people who know something about science fiction, classical literature, and everything in between.
3) I really worry about the people who do well at the SNL game and how much time they've spent watching and memorizing old episodes.
4) The LOTR game is the most tragic because it's based on the movies and not on the books.

In all, these games are not an improvement. You're better off buying someone Puerto Rico (which, incidentally, they didn't carry at Toys R Us).

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