13 January 2006

I spent New Year's at John's house in Tahoe, where it rained (ick) and were stuck inside and reduced to jumping on each other. We did this until just before midnight, at which point we held an impromptu countdown using Vince's cell phone. Shortly thereafter we decided we were tired and went to bed (or actually, some of us went to bed and others stayed up until 3 playing Settlers of Canaan (an ancestor of Puerto Rico)). As we were dispersing around 12:20 am, I made the comment, "This is the lamest New Year's ever!" since we were going to bed so early. But I totally didn't mean it -- I had a total blast and wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.

This leads to my New Year's resolution. Last year I made a nice Noah-type resolution: "Eat more fish." Which I did. This year the only thing I've come up with is, "Think about what you're saying before it comes out of your mouth, because it might not sound so good to other people." But that might be a little ambitious.

Any other suggestions?

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