11 January 2006

It's winter break, which means time to work! I've made an enormous list of things I want to accomplish over these 13 days (I returned to Berkeley January 3, and classes start January 17), and have put somewhat of a dent in it already. The big tasks are:

  1. Revise my paper that I wrote over the summer for submission to a conference in Berlin in July. I've decided that I want to spend a significant amount of time in Europe this summer, and particularly in Germany, since I've been learning German. The Berlin conference and this program seem to be a good means to that end. However, I've also applied to work at Microsoft, which is in Seattle, not Europe.
  2. Fix my Classical CD Guide website so it no longer points to CDs that are out of print. The site and the Spain and Sailing sites brought me and John over a thousand dollars in 2005. It's not quite enough yet to pay for our labor in making the sites, but it is kind of nice.
  3. Clean. This has been divided into numerous subchores such as "Wash windows," "Wipe cabinets," and "Clean up Wiretown" (the area where all the internet stuff is that until yesterday had a year and a half of dust bunnies). Today, for example, I took out all the cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink (including 4 bottles of windex), scrubbed the cabinet, and put everything back. The fun never ends. No really, I'm serious.

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