23 January 2006

One of my Noah-style new year's resolutions for this year was to go to a nice restaurant in San Francisco once a month, where "nice" is defined as having really good food and being at least $30 a head. SF is the greatest place in the world to eat (except perhaps for New York and Paris, but I don't think the sushi's as good in Paris), and I hadn't been taking enough advantage of it. I'm pleased to report that I've doubled that goal so far: Torrey took me to Rivoli for my birthday; we went to Hayes Street Grill last week, Aziza tonight, and we're going to Millennium with Torrey's dad on Saturday. Rivoli is still the best eating experience I've had since I've moved to the Bay Area, and since it's in Berkeley it's not even outrageously expensive.

My second resolution was to go to Friday night services at least once a month. We're running behind our projection on that one. Torrey really wants to try out this synagogue. What the heck; it's San Francisco.

My third resolution was to blog more.

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