15 January 2006

Surprise of surprises, Democrats in the Senate are wringing their hands that Samuel Alito is getting a free pass from the American public. What were they expecting? That they'd be able to trap him with razor-sharp questions into breaking down and admitting that he's a fake? Well, they made his wife break down. Or maybe they thought that the American people would hear the words "unitary executive" and spontaneously rise up in opposition to this constitutional abomination.

C'mon, guys (and gals).

They should know better than that. If they wanted to nail Alito (and I think there might have been enough to nail him on), the debate needed to be framed long before the actual hearing took place. No, timid New York Times articles and Washington Post articles don't count as framing the debate. Television ads do. Right away, groups like NARAL should have been running ads saying that he's a weasel and an extremist. I thought that was what NARAL had been raising money all these years to do. They tried running ads against John Roberts, but they got in trouble because they misstated his positions. I didn't hear of any ads they ran against Alito. Did anyone else?

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