11 February 2006

I have no plans to see Firewall, even though it co-stars the wonderful Mary Lynn Rajskub (essentially, and delightfully, reprising her role as Chloe on 24). However, the reviews have made one thing painfully obvious: there should be no Indiana Jones 4. It hurts me to say this, especially these days, when my respect for Spielberg is higher than ever, and after I've just rewatched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade while cleaning the bathroom. (My laptop has seen a lot of mileage.) Ten years ago, a sequel would have been a great idea. Five years ago, it still might have been possible. But Harrison Ford just isn't aging well, especially for someone who supposedly drank from the Holy Grail, and it's hard to see how a fourth movie could ever improve on the good feelings left by Last Crusade.

By the way, Mary Lynn Rajskub's last name is pronounced "rice cub," which sounds like it ought to be a term in someone's polemical queer taxonomy.

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