01 March 2006

Apparently BJ is on the "Amazing Race." As one friend observed, "the inevitable has happened." For those of you who don't know BJ, he's hard to describe. The Crimson article does a pretty good job at it, but they didn't mention BJ's peculiar trait that he seemed to be everywhere at once and know everyone's name. That made it easy to take interest in his antics.

And of course, Noah has his own first-hand account of that fateful Thanksgiving flight.

Speaking of the "Amazing Race," it's the reality show that I'd most like to be a contestant on. (The show I'd least like to be on would probably be "The Flavor of Love" on VH1.) My brother and I thought about trying to enter a while back. But really, who would you rather watch riding a helicopter - me or BJ with a beard and pink tuxedo?

Thanks to END for the link. (To the BJ story, not the Flavor of Love website.)

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