11 April 2006

And yet Kiefer seems curiously unhappy in this month's Rolling Stone interview. I did enjoy this paragraph, though:
He once heard that some college-going 24 fans had developed a drinking game in which you have to down one shot for every time Jack Bauer says, "Damn it," which is the show's "fuck" and "shit" substitute. So during one episode, in one scene, he took it upon himself to say "Damn it" three times in a row, "Boom, boom, boom. And that was just one scene. By the end, there had to be fourteen 'Damn its.' And I could just see all these college kids going, 'Oh, fuck!'"
It's sad, really: he's making $40 million over the next three years, he's Jack Bauer, and yet he's living alone, without a girlfriend, in a converted iron foundry. (I know how that feels.)

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