13 June 2006

After I actually read the article referenced in my previous post, I had more troubling thoughts. It appears as though Rove essentially got off because he was too good of a liar and they were never able to find good proof that he was lying. The prosecutors couldn't punch a big enough hole in his rather implausible argument that he never recalled contacting Matt Cooper (and hence when he initially told the grand jury that he never contacted Cooper, he wasn't lying).

At any rate, the White House shouldn't be able to say that this decision not to bring charges somehow vindicates Rove. His actions were questionable at best in e-mailing Cooper regarding Plame, and his argument that he had forgotten the e-mail indicates either perjury (see above) or incompetence. The fact that the special prosecutor didn't have enough evidence to convince a jury of his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt doesn't mean he didn't act in a very slimy manner.

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