20 June 2006

Having watched game 7 of the Stanley cup, I have to say that I can't stick up for hockey at all. Great to play, but really not much fun to watch.

Also you're right about the NBA finals, they were a travesty. Which is a shame, because most of the rest of the playoffs were really quite excellent.

I think my problem with Soccer refereeing is that in a sport like basketball, no matter how bad one call goes against you, you still could have won if you'd just stepped it up a little bit. Howard hits his free throws in game 5, or Nowitzki hits his one in game 3 and suddenly all the bad calls don't matter. In soccer, however, where most of the game doesn't matter at all, one bad call can demonstrably determine the outcome of the game.

Speaking of hockey and soccer and fouls though, why doesn't soccer borrow some sort of penalty system from hockey? If you get a yellow card your team is short handed for 10 minutes or something.

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