18 June 2006

Here's a particularly egregious example of the american press's annoying tendancy to give "balanced" reporting on things that aren't at all balanced.

Then Henry blamed the referees for not awarding his team another goal later in the first half on Patrick Vieira's header that TV replays appeared to show was over the goal line.

I know that sometimes even with instant replay there are still close things that are too close to call. This goal just wasn't one of those close calls.

Between the France/Korea travesty, and the Italy/U.S.A. game I have a few more complaints to add to my old rant on why soccer is not a great spectator sport. The referees have to much ability to swing the whole game, and the yellow card/red card system leads to too many suspensions. Zidane being forced to sit for his last game on the French team is not spectator friendly. (Of course, basketball is inching closer to this problem.)

It's a good week for sports though. NBA finals, NHL game seven, stunning golf collapse, and lots of world cup.

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