23 June 2006

Why am I unreasonably obsessed with tiebreaker rules? I look at the scoreboard for the WC right now (SUI up 1-0 over KOR and FRA up 2-0 over TOG) and the first thing I think is that "If Korea can tie it up then FRA and SUI would have to go to drawing lots for first in the group!" For some reason this prospect excites me to no end.

Speaking of things that I find unreasonably exciting, Wednesday Malia and I saw the trailer for Scoop. We could hardly contain ourselves.

We saw that trailer before A Prarie Home Companion at the theater near Torrey's. It was a somewhat odd theater in that half of the chairs (those to the right of the aisle) were not perpendicular to the screen. On the other hand, the seats to the left of the aisle had the advantage that many of them were in great locations, which is rare for a middle aisle setup.

As for A Prarie Home Companion, it was fun but nothing special. Lots of good actors putting in good performances. The noir parody bits were hysterical though. Lindsay Lohan really can't sing. Oh, and it was nice to finally see a film this year that passed the Mo Movie Measure. (The other films I'd seen this year: Brick, Inside Man, and X3 all failed miserably.)

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